I welcome you to my modern hand painted works

In order to create unique and unconventional paintings I reinterpret faces and landscapes from my personal point of view.
My works represent clippings of life and talk about moments of emotion with the spontaneity of the expressive language of signs and colors.
I paint emotions and set memories on canvas.

My art style

In my paintings I don’t copy reality, but I reinterpret this, through paintings which are far from realism and close to emotions.

I define myself as a contemporary Expressionist artist because my style is very close to that of Expressionist painters who preferred intense and bright colours, dense and decisive brushstrokes to communicate an emotional state through sign and colour.
In fact, colors possess a strong emotional power capable of acting on our subconscious and on our psyche.
In my works I often use pure and slightly diluted colors, precisely because of the power of the emotional impact it is able to arouse in its observer.

In recent years I have also become passionate about abstract art that has fascinated me for its liberating way that allows me to express all my creativity.
I began by experimenting with some paintings related to the marine and aquatic world in which the creative process is more important than the subject of the work itself. In these moments, of pure creativity, I let myself be guided by instinct and by my emotions which begin to flow and materialize through the free gestures of my hands.

What is special about my works

Each of my paintings is a unique and original piece to which I attach a certificate of authenticity.
I paint them by hand with oil colors that I transfer onto canvas or paper depending on the final look I want to achieve.
The chromatic contrasts that characterize my works communicate sensations and feelings with energy in a tacit and personal artistic language.
My paintings, with their colors and their energy, are able to make unforgettable memories of an important day or the face of a special person.
They fill the emptiness of a wall by beautifying and livening up the entire room, giving to it personality, warmth and brightness.

Why I paint

I like to think that the painting is a space in which the viewer can project himself into a sort of parallel reality where he can escape and take refuge, but where he can also stop over and reflect.
For me, art is evasion and reflection, a universal language necessary for mankind to express ideas, emotions and moods.
I strongly believe in the importance of art, especially in this historical period in which mankind seems to have lost an essential part of its humanity.

I present you my modern hand painted works

Here you can admire some of the paintings I have made over time depicting flowers, landscapes, figurative and abstract works.
Enjoy my paintings

My portraits

Flowers and nature

Abstract works