How I create my oil paintings with spatula and other techniques

I mainly make portraits with extra-fine oil colors, but I love painting landscapes, animals or other subjects that are part of my daily life.
When I paint flowers and landscapes, I let myself be inspired by my Liguria and by the light that illuminates its sea, by the way it wraps the subjects, warms them up and gives them life.
Instead if I dedicate myself to pet portraits or people, I always start from a professional digital image, in colour, with well-defined lights and shadows.

Oil paintings with spatula and other techniques

Before I start the work, depending on its complexity, I make sketches with pencil or charcoal on paper and then proceed with the work. Other times I make the drawing directly with the brush on the chosen support (paper or canvas) and then continue with the color.
I apply the technique of oil painting choosing between paper and canvas based on the final effect I want to give to the work or on how much time I have available to give concreteness to my creative idea.
I use vibrant and vivid colors, which I sometimes spread with the help of a spatula when I want to give the painting a material aspect.
Before starting to paint, I prepare the support I have chosen, creating a base for the painting.
The preparation of the background is an essential part of the process of the painting because it plays a fundamental role in the final result of the work.
When I paint on paper I also apply a coat of linseed oil mixed with oil color to allow the paper to get wet and absorb the color more slowly so I can work with it.

How I prepare my canvas

When I make a painting on canvas,I like to prepare the support myself: it’s a slow process that takes time, patience but it is so rewarding!
I generally use a cotton canvas because it is very sturdy and elastic, but jute or linen can also be used.
I stretch the canvas on a wooden frame fixing it with dots on the back and once well stretched I prepare it with two coats of acrylic plaster.

However, when I want to get to work immediately, I use a good quality industrial canvas to proceed faster, since the canvas is already stretched on a stretcher and ready to be painted.

The importance of time in art

The realization of an oil painting can require a very long time, depending on its size and complexity.
The drying of the colors also takes time (up to 60 days) and it is necessary to wait for the painting to dry completely before applying the final varnish which allows it to be protected from dust and external agents such as temperature or direct sunlight .

My latest works

Here you can see some of the latest works I’ve made.

Where I create my paintings

I have a small studio at home which I like to define as my space, because it represents my personal refuge where I isolate myself from everything and everyone and I enter my world of colors and emotions.
My space is very bright because it has three large windows through which that special light that I try to recreate in my works filters. There is also a balcony overlooking the sea from which I often seek inspiration and stop to contemplate the horizon.
On sunny days, when the air is purer and the colors are clearer, I sit admiring the beauty of nature, imagining the sound of the sea waves in the distance and breathing in the scent of lemon blossom wafting from the garden below.