Hi, I’m Francesca, a contemporary painter

I paint because I feel a strong urge to express myself and my personal projection of the world through sign, material and colour.

I discovered the passion for painting and drawing when I was a child. Painting means releasing my emotions and making them visible for those who are watching them.
The saturated, bright, contrasting and vibrant colors that I paint with dense and incisive brushstrokes, tell the world about my vision without needing to say it in words.

My Expressionist Art

I define myself as a contemporary painter of Expressionist style because when I paint I don’t do it to reproduce the reality of what I have in front of me, but I reinterpret it in my own way creating pictorial works in which the link between color and emotions is strong and closely connected.

The technique I prefer for my works is the oil painting, deepened during my period of study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara. I paint with oil colors portraits, flowers, landscapes, animals and abstract works, both on paper and on canvas.

My portraits

I paint portraits that are unconventional and differ from simple photographic reproduction which are faithful to reality.
Some are mostly symbolic figures that represent particular aspects of life and moods that I try to exalt. They are scraps of life, instants of emotions (like the work EUPHORIA), characters who live in indefinite spaces.
I prefer to go further and catch the light in each subject’s eyes, bring out their character and personality.
With bright and intense colors, with decisive and constructive features of the faces,I tell about their souls and their emotions.
In particular, it fascinates me to pay attention to the soul of women, to their strength, fragility, humanity, to the intensity and courage with which they live life.

Flowers and nature

I like painting outdoors and looking for beauty in the simplicity of nature’s forms.
I find inspiration in observing small details such as leaves, flowers, the reflections of the water, the colors of the seasons that are constantly changing.
These are the observations from which my naturalistic-themed works and my flowers are born: small paintings, symbols of this beauty devoid of any human artifice, fragments of joy and positivity.

Abstract works

In painting abstract works I let myself be guided by instinct, I don’t worry about following rules and canons. I find the joy of an expressive freedom that makes me feel completely myself, I let instinct speak and emotions begin to flow onto the canvas.
I don’t “fill” the space but I live it through intense colors and I experiment with the material thanks to the use of the spatula and other unconventional materials.