Hi, I’m Francesca and I paint modern oil paintings

I was born in Sanremo, Italy, where I still live and I have my own art studio where I paint my modern oil paintings in an Expressionist style.

I was a child when I already discovered my passion for drawing and painting and over the years I have continued to dedicate a lot of time to it.

I drew and painted from real life, letting myself be inspired by nature and by the light of my land, Liguria.

My journey in art

My passion for art was so strong that when I had to choose my course of study I had no doubts.
I followed my heart and graduated first from the State Institute of Art of Imperia and then at Carrara Academy of Fine Arts.

Attending the Academy was an important moment of personal growth that gave me the opportunity to have wonderful experiences, such as the Erasmus project.
In 2001, thanks to a scholarship, I left for Spain where I attended the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.
Here I signed up for a painting course where I met my teacher and artist Carmen Grau. She passed me a strong interest in the study of portraits and the technique of oil painting.

2002 was the year of my diploma and that of my first exhibitions.

My works have been exhibited:

• in Italy at the Museum of Permanente in Milan
• At Albissola Marina Museum of Contemporary Art
• in Spain in Valencia, with “Rojo, Azul y Amarillo II” at Ca’ Revolta in a group of young artists.

These collective exhibitions were then followed by numerous temporary ones, including my first personal exhibition “Sull’autoritratto” (On the self-portrait – in 2004) at the gallery G.F. Piana in Bordighera.

Then for a long time my life took a different road than the artistic one.
My curiosity, the desire to travel, to be independent and perhaps even my indecision about what to do “when I grow up”, led me to London: a city that has left me beautiful memories and an important friendship.
The London experience was crucial because it made me realize what really mattered to me and my future, and that I already had what I was looking for in Italy, so I went back to my roots.

Over the years I had different jobs, much less creative as I would have wished, then the pandemic arrived and I stayed at home.
In this difficult moment for everyone, I had the opportunity and the time to go back to painting and reawaken this dormant passion of mine that couldn’t wait to come out again.
Today I have my beautiful family which is my most precious treasure and a small space in my house used as a studio where I create my works.